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Some Reasons Why Unisex Marriages Are Inappropriate

If unisex marriages are to be legalized, soon enough gay people will start annoying straight people by encouraging them to become gay, just like some people are bugging other people to get married.
Legalizing unisex marriages will open the door to all kinds of abnormal behavior, like people wishing to marry their dogs, cats, horses, and other lovely pets.
Straight marriages already decadent will become even less meaningful and their sanctity completely destroyed.
Obviously unisex marriages will raise gay children.
For a multilateral self development a child needs both a male and a female role model at home.
As a result of natural evolution any creature including human being uses it's anal orifice for the "most appropriate" purpose - pooping.
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Split of the Unification Movement (book @amazon)

This book is a study of the history of the split of the Unification Movement from 1998 to 2016. Specifically, the author studied the reasons, process, and the results of the split of the Unification Movement around the time of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's death in September, 2012. The book aids the reader to put together the pieces to understand the actions and consequences of the often-opaque leadership of the various organizations of the Unification Movement, as the True Mother (Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon), Hyung Jin Sean Moon (youngest son of Rev. Moon), and other leaders of the Family Federation take over the organizations the late founder left behind. The author states that the current Family Federation led by True Mother (Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon) is theologically different from the organization led by True Father (Rev. Sun Myung Moon). The book also presents a hint as to what challenges lie ahead in the future of the Unification Movement. (Note: This is an advanced copy of the Korean version of the book. Please note that there may be some translation issues. A better developed English version is in the works.)


Revew by M.H., July 1, 2017:

The book is very enlightening to understand what took place in front of people's eyes and behind the scenes in the Unification movement. It is worth noting that the Family Federation is not releasing the full record of Rev. Moon's words in audio and video which they have in their possession. If the truth were in the interest of the Family Federation they would release all the videos and audio of what went on around Rev. Moon and clear up all this confusion. But instead they delete, edit and revise Rev. Moon's words rendering the information that comes from the Family Federation's official channels not credible. In such a situation, this book pierces through the confusion like the sun rising after a long dark night.

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