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Peter Zoehrer

Yesterday, the wives of the prisoners went to the prison to bring them food. They told Human Rights Without Frontiers (HRWF) that, their daily menu is porridge in the morning and in the evening. For lunch they just get clear soup (almost water) and it has a bad taste. That is why relatives of the prisoners have to feed them. We are only allowed to pass food once a week. People bring 25-30 kg per week in average. The procedure is burdensome. First we must submit a request in three copies in which we must list the content of the bag. Then we have to wait for our turn until we are called. It means usually 3 to 6 hours waiting outside whatever the weather and for the moment it is -15°C. Once people submit their request, they cannot leave because they must also give their identity card.
Aladin L. is a director in the Office of the Ombudsman of the Republic of Moldova. He requested a file on the case and said it would be looked into. Paul G., Political Officer, US Embassy promised to raise the case in informal meetings with Moldovan officials. Another meeting we had was with Ion M., PROMO-LEX (an NGO), and we also met a leading female representative of the Falun Gong, who has had severe problems with the Moldovan authorities. Their case was brought to the International Court of Human Rights. Furthermore we visited the mission of the OSCE, Organization for Security and Cooperation. We also met Veaceslav B. from the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, as well as Stefan Uritu, former head of the Moldovan Helsinki Committee, an old time friend and colleague of Dr. Aaron Rhodes.
Most people we met agreed: persecution of religious minority groups is nothing new in Moldova. The country has severe problems in upholding the rule of law. Even within its own ranks there are numerous cases of corruption and misuse of power.
Recently one investigative journalist highlighted another possible scenario as a plausible reason for the arrest of the UC members: Elena Guzun and her followers (connected to the SC), who denounced our church for human trafficking, has an eye on our HQ property which is in close proximity to a building complex in which her construction company has high stakes. That would not be a surprise, since she has stated numerous times before that she wants the HQ building...
Whatever the reasons behind the current trials, our human rights experts quickly grasped that the accusations against UC Moldova have no legal base and are essentially trumped up charges. Even if mistakes may have been made, there was no justification for such severe charges-please read the press releases.
On Tuesday there will be an important hearing on the case and it will be decided, whether Mihai and Oleg have to go to jail again or if the prosecutor will drop the charges against them. Thank you for all your prayers and encouraging messages. It was so moving to see our brothers and sisters there and especially the wives and children of the prisoners. During this week in Chisinau I felt the strong presence of our Heavenly Parents. Everything we did was carried by heavenly fortune. It was like surfing on the crest of a wave.


Nikolaus Beutl

My dear brothers and sisters, put yourself into the situation of one of these relatives of a prisoner who has to stay once a week 3 to 6 hours outside of the prison only to be able to feed the beloved for the coming week so that he or she does not have to starve. And this not only a few times but week by week for years depending on for how many years your family member has to stay in prison. How will you feel in this situation, knowing that all of this trial and suffering could have easily been avoided had others spoken up and not allowed your relative to be put innocently into prison?
Desire for power and money is once again manifested in one of the main supporters of Hyung Jin Nim in Moldova while his people claim that this has nothing to do with their new king!
Mihai and Oleg could leave the hell of prison life and stay in house arrest from the end of December for one month but the appeal to overturn that court decision was granted two weeks later. So they had to return to the terrible conditions described in these brothers’ testimony which I sent you yesterday. Have you read about what they are going through in their miserable situation because of our collective sin of not speaking out against the crimes committed by top leaders of our Movement? These brothers have to pay the price for our keeping silent in front of the evil in our midst.

The personal testimony by Mihai Calestru And Oleg Savenkov about what kind of hell they experience in the Moldovan prison and how they got there.

Personal Testimony By Mihai Calestru And Oleg Savenkov About The Hell In The Moldovan PrisonTestimony by Mihai Calestru

On Friday morning, October 30th, 2015, at about 7.35 a.m., I was awakened by the sound of the doorbell. Two police officers from the “Anti Human Trafficking Department” arrived to search my home apartment (the 1-room apartment that belongs to my mother in law). They showed me the document from the Prosecutor's office with the statement that I am suspected of a crime under art. 165. al. 3. Of the Moldovan Penal Code relating to Human Trafficking by Criminal Organized Groups over the period 2008-2015, under cover of carrying on a religious organization.

They produced the name list of identified victims. In the list were included ex church members that were recently excluded from the Church for aggressive behaviour towards the church and causing disturbances at its Sunday Service. During my conversation with the policemen I got calls from my colleagues and understood that at the same time 4 other groups of police officers carried out raids under warrant at 4 other locations connected with the UC of Moldova. My wife went to take my 4 year old son to the kindergarten and I gave the policemen my laptop, two size A6 notepads containing my notes, one USB flash drive and my bank card. All this was recorded on paper. I hope these things will be returned to me. I felt the policemen were surprised at seeing the humble living conditions of my family, because I was accused of crimes involving huge amounts of money. All household appliances and furniture in our small one room apartment were old and modest. Our family did not possess any luxury items, did not own a car or have any savings. In my discussions with the officers I felt they realized that the accusations were fabricated and in a certain respect treated me favourably as a result.

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Prezentatori: Willy Fautré "Drepturile Omului, Fără Frontiere Int'l" (Bruxelles) & Dr. Aaron Rhodes "Forumul Pentru Libertate Religioasă Europa" (Viena)

PRESS CONFERENCE: Two Members of a Minority Religion Jailed in Moldova, by Willy Fautré "Human Rights Without Frontiers" & Dr. Aaron Rhodes "Forum for Religious Freedom Europe" (Complete Conference & Reactions)

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13 Questions For Sanctuary Leaders (by Nikolaus Beutl)

(1) Hyung Jin Nim knew already at the time of Father’s ascension that True Mother is not united with her husband – the first meeting to prepare the new version of Cheon Seong Gyeong took place already while Father was still alive on August 23, 2012. This fact became all the more clear in the months that followed. Why did he not speak out as international president and inform the worldwide membership at that time about what is going on in the Palace? As our main representative he had the responsibility to let us know what is actually happening.

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