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Truth Can Be Discovered In Many Ways, Both Through Religion And Science

Truth Can Be Discovered In Many Ways, Both Through Religion And ScienceI believe in God (Heavenly Parent) and in the teachings of the True Parents (Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han), such as the Divine Principle.

I believe life on earth is just a preparation time for the eternal life in a Spiritual World. Preparation means discovering Heavenly Parent’s Love, learning to love and serve others. All the people are God’s children, and we can learn love in families, so at the end everyone will live together in families in the Heavenly Kingdom, after a process of growth and spiritual development, for some sooner, for some later.

In my childhood, I attended the Christian Orthodox Church every Sunday and started studying the Bible, so I felt God’s presence in my life and His Love. But it was difficult to understand and accept some events described in Bible, especially from a scientific point of view, for example the idea of dead people rising from their tombs, or why God loved one nation more than others. When I was a student I was invited to Divine Principle seminars, so during these seminars I discovered more about God and what actually is described in the Bible. What I liked very much is that actually Science Development is also God’s desire and the truth can be discovered in many ways, both through religion and science. Most importantly, I felt God’s Love much deeper, so I decided to follow this teaching.

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